Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Eugenia and Pillows Life Modeling Paintings

Dear Art Lover,     
      Some artists’ models do not work for long or maybe in the same city.  They may be travelers looking for some extra cash [hopefully art lovers as well, for at least:  who THINKS of art modeling as a job opportunity when on the go?].  Eugenia was one model that I did not paint often, however, I would draw or paint her every few years at some life drawing session in Austin, Texas.  Something makes me think that she may still live in Austin, but also that her “real life” revolves around another form of art [jewelry making or theatre?] or perhaps she found a full-time job that found her in conflict with the hours of the life drawing sessions around town.   It can be done perhaps for a short period of time, but it is difficult to make a living as an art model.
     Here you see a portrait of Eugenia that I painted in one session.  On an odd side note, there exists a “Eugene.”  A client found “Eugenia” on my Web site and he wrote to me to ask, “I see you have this wonderful portrait of a boyish-looking woman.  Would you please create a similar painting for me, but of a feminine-looking male?”  Interesting exercise, it was! 

     So, to remind you of the deal:
     I would like to offer, for the month of August 2015 only, selected paintings and drawings for about half the price as my going rate these days.  These are older works, but ones that for one reason or several others, I cannot stand the idea of destroying.  You may preview images before I post them here on my Facebook page.  
Please contact me directly if you see something you love and would like to add to your art collection.  Here goes the first one… 

12" X 16" Oil on Canvas [framed]
copyright 2000 Kelly Borsheim
August 2015 Price:  $125  [plus any Texas sales tax and/or shipping]

About three years later, I painted this body crop of Eugenia.  It is basically a composition of pillows, a breast, and her arm draped across the frame.  I later glazed colors over parts of it.  Pillows is one of my quirky favorites.

colored Pillows with nude art model oil painting figurative abstract
18 x 24 inches, oil painting
by Kelly Borsheim 2004
I offer this original painting to you for only $325 US.  Texas state sales tax (6.75%) may apply.  There is also a $9.50 packaging and shipping fee.

Please contact me for more information.    http://www.borsheimarts.com/contact.htm
Thank you and as always…


~ Kelly Borsheim, sculptor and painter

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