Saturday, June 14, 2008

Summer Sculpture Art Classes

Cari Amici,
Here is my summer art teaching schedule with prices and descriptions. Note that I added a new class from the previous listing. Pre-registration is required, especially in the classes that work from a live model, but it is easy to do: just send me an e-mail or register by paying through PayPal. I hope to see you soon!
Thank you,
Kelly Borsheim

Classes in the Teaching Studio of Beth Schoen in Austin, Texas:

Schoen Sculpture Studio
1406 Smith Road, Suite E (at Highway 183 and Bolm Road)
Austin, Texas 78721 (USA)

Figure Drawing Class:

Tuesday evening 7 - 9 p.m.
Dates: July 22, 29 + August 5,12,19, 26

Drawing for Beginners: emphasis on capturing the gesture in the human form. We will draw from a live nude model during the latter part of the class.
$220 + Materials (drawing paper, tracing paper, pencils, erasers, contact me for details)

Sculptural Anatomy Workshop:

Two weekends (Sat and Sun) 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Dates: July 19-20 + July 26-27

We will work from a live model and you create a sculpture of the human figure. Anatomy lectures pertaining to human anatomy for artists, as well as demonstrations are the main focus, but artistic voice will also be discussed. In addition, we will talk about building armatures (supports) for clay sculptures.
$325 + Materials (18 or 24” figure armature, plastilina, tools, etc.)

Sculpting Hands and Feet:

Saturday, August 2, 1 - 5 p.m.
In this class, we will sculpt one hand and/or one foot using water-based clay. Art principles, interpretation, and anatomy will be discussed.
$65 + Materials (clay and firing, not included; tools, contact studio)

Then at my studio, Cedar Creek, Texas (30 minutes SE of Austin):

Intro to Stone Carving WORKSHOP:

Labor Day weekend Aug. 30, 31, + Sept 1; hours: 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.
Using hand and some power tools, each student will work on their own stone carving in limestone.
$300 plus stone and materials (hand tools: hammer, chisels, safety gear, etc. Contact Studio for complete supply list)

Intro to Stone Carving CLASSES:

Ongoing – Each Monday from 21 July 25 August: 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Using hand and some power tools, each student will work on their own stone carving in limestone.
$15 per hour, choose your times and days as desired.
plus stone and materials (hand tools: hammer, chisels, safety gear, etc. Contact Studio for complete supply list)
Contact studio to Register for this class.

For more information visit

Enjoy your day and give me feedback on the teaching schedule!
Grazie mille,

Monday, June 9, 2008

Wildflowers, Water, and Herbs in Alps Mountains, Cercivento, Italy

Cari Amici,

The mountains seem to hold everything, including these small gems of wildflowers that I have photographed. These images were taken in the Alps of Cervicento, Italia, in the region called Carnia (Alpi Carniche) I have always loved blue flowers, especially when wild. The flowers in these first two images are named “Eyes of the Madonna” and I do not know the name of the other tiny blue wildflowers that have the white or yellow center with the dark dot inside.

This red flower is called a mountain rose (by my friend at least). She does not have much of a fragrance either, but is still quite lovely.

Allora, water is my favorite thing to drink. Only, I prefer simply H-2-0. No bubbles. No chemicals. No minerals. Just the beauty of three – 2 hydrogens plus one oxygen. Cercivento has the best tasting tap water that I have had the pleasure to drink in Italy (and elsewhere). It comes from mountain streams, such as the one you see me drinking from and at another, filling up bottles. (OK, yes these bottles are plastic, but I did not prepare adequately and wanted a proper souvenir of my trip.)

It is near these pure water streams high up in the mountains that the following medicinal herb grows. Although my friend did not know the name of this plant, I was enticed to try it. (I am sometimes amazed at how trusting I am!)
One eats the spicy leaves, not the flowers. If you know what plant this is, please share the information by way of this blog or my e-mail address. Va bene?

So, I hope you enjoy these images and that you start noticing how beautiful are the small things around you.

And now, I bid you good evening as I return to determining my summer teaching schedule in Texas.

Ciao ragazzi!

Alps in Cercivento, Italy

Cari Amici,

I was invited to see a friend in Cercivento, Italy, and so, I took a train to Udine in northeastern Italy on Friday evening. My friend greeted me there and we drove north for about one hour. The Alps were beautiful and serene. The rain kept us from hiking up these mountains as much as I would have enjoyed, but I also find peace in the sound of raindrops hitting rooftops.

One afternoon, we had to stop our ascent up the mountain because huge clouds were rolling in. The landscape was changing so dramatically into a sea of white that it became dangerous to go up further. Pictured here is a take-off ramp for hang gliders before it, too, became hidden from view. I wanted to try hang gliding for my 30th birthday, but never knew where to go. (And my friend Australian sculptor Mick took his first hang-gliding lesson for his 50th birthday, so I think I still have some time ;-)

These other images are of Lago Cavazzo, south of where I was staying. Even though we visited on a Saturday, this free park was almost empty, save for a few fishermen and a charming older couple. And apparently, the waters were more tranquille than normal.

I was told that because of the unusual cooler and rainy weather that Italy has been experiencing this year, I arrived before the wild strawberries did. Bummer. However, this vacanza breva was a much needed break from my routine and I was delighted to have seen a part of Italy I might not had taken the time to see otherwise.

Please enjoy the photos. Perhaps tomorrow I can share a few more.
Ciao, ciao,