Sunday, February 16, 2014

Still Life Painting Project

Cari Amici (Dear Friends),
Some days these days I do not often know which is one day and which moment belongs to the next.  I have been pushing myself to get a lot accomplished during my last term at the Angel Academy of Art here in Florence, Italy.  I am currently on my last still life project:  the texture project.  Parameters consist of a bas relief background and perishables (in my case fruit).  The central object of interest is a vase that I received from my dear friend Hélène Delmaire about five years ago. 

Anyway, this image shows you my previous project:  the red, white, and green one.  How to paint a bright red, as well as a white object using colors much darker than pure white paint (because the highlight must have that).  On the floor, you may see my textured background … a sample for stone on the exterior of a home.  Thanks to Materi.ka ... materiali per la casa, Via Capo di Mondo, 21R, Firenze for the display sample.  It was missing some rocks on the corner, so I made some out of clay and then painted them a similar color.

I had asked the Maestro of the school if I could have a studio space next to a wall so that I would be less tempted to be the party organizer and socialite that I am so tempted to do when around people and on comfortable ground.  I must say, in addition to some privacy, the wall also gives me more storage space. 

Now, to work on other things in my life on this lovely Sunday. . .