Monday, March 28, 2016

Kristen Live Model Painting

Dear Art Lover,
     I was surprised recently to receive a private message in Facebook from a woman in another country.  She told me that she had bought one of my oil paintings.  It was painted 2001, sketching from live models (usually just one three-hour session, with work at home later if I could add to it).  What a wonder!

     Last summer while I was in Texas, I released a few other earlier works.  These are even more affordable than my current paintings. Here is one of my earlier paintings [2001] from a live model, Kristen. I always liked the light on this one and her very dramatic profile. I re-stretched her and re-framed her this past summer in Texas. She measures 27 x 15 inches (without frame) and will sell for only $525 (with frame), with additional shipping at cost from Austin, Texas. Contact me if you like her, please.

Kristen, a nude model who posed for this oil painting by Kelly Borsheim
Kristen, 27" x 15", framed


27" h X 15"
Original Oil on Canvas
© 2001 Kelly Borsheim
$525, includes frame
[shipping from Austin, Texas
 not included]



P.S.  Happy birthday to one of my very first friends in college back in 1982, Terrisa in Texas!