Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Kickstarter Countdown

Dear Art lover,
     I guess that I am the APRIL FOOL!!!  My bronze sculpture Kickstarter art project ends 5 pm Texas (Central) Time Zone, NOT midnight CT.  I thought that I was choosing the clock to be on US time where I was basing my project.  Instead the midnight hour apparently refers to my physical location when I launched the project:  Croatia!  

     As I write this, we have only one day left to raise the goal funds for the bronze casting foundry for my wax sculptures.   Here is the Kickstarter Stat line:
30 backers
$9,810 pledged of $11,500 goal
24 hours to go

     Oh, we are so close… with, I only get the pledges for the foundry if enough people jump on board and together pledge to the goal amount.  It is all or nothing.

hanging on... pledge on Kickstarter art project     We are so close and I really appreciate your interest and any participation, if so moved.  I have created reward levels so that any amount you wish to contribute can help me send you some art in a variety of forms.  If there is one of my artworks that you would like to own, but do not see it on Kickstarter… make a pledge and we can work out the details on switching the rewards later.  Your pledge could even serve as a down-payment for a future artwork, if you prefer.

See prices here for sculpture:

     The Future is Unwritten, but we always have choices!  Check a few of those out at: 

[and if you are curious about the sculpture this shadow belongs to, check it out here:

Now I am ending on April Fools Day.
Probably appropriate. Lol.

Casting Call: I’m Melting . . . Melting! Into Bronze

Destroy to Create: Melted wax sacrificed to pour bronze sculpture. Hot art: Make it happen before these wax figures are truly lost.

Thank you so much for helping me make some bronze art a reality,

~ Kelly Borsheim, sculptor, painter, writer, teacher

P.S.  The really good news is that this is the last blog post about Kickstarter (except maybe a small part will share the final outcome with you).  And then, we get back to art and Italy!  Whoot!

Monday, March 30, 2015

Kickstarter COUNTDOWN Art Bronze

Ohhh, Kickstarter has now set the countdown to HOURS not days… Please share the link to my bronze casting proposal… best prices on bronze I can offer now and if you want one of my artworks (or even a product such as a print, or pillow, or anything that you do not see on the offer, please contact me.
I want to make you happy so that I can give this money to the foundry to not lose my wax sculptures.
I am flexible on the prizes … and hopefully have lots to offer… even let your pledge be a credit for a future artwork.
  • $9,015 pledged [of goal of $11,500]
  • 78% funded
  • 25 backers
  • 55 hours to go
[copied these stats 30 March 4:30 pm Italy time… but they are using Texas Central time… ends midnight between 1 April and 2 April]
Thank you for your support and interest.  All or nothing is the Kickstarter way.

Thank you for your pledge and for sharing the link !!!