Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Negative Shapes Palazzo Vecchio

Cari Amici (Dear Friends),

Sometimes I like it that the camera does not see in the same way as the human eye. I am including here several shots I snapped inside the courtyard of the Palazzo Vecchio in central Florence, Italy. The palazzo is open some nights during the summer and it truly puts a whole new light on things.

For example, even at night the eye can distinguish the details of the bronze sculpture of the Cupid shown in this central fountain. The camera cannot. Or it would do so at the expense of making all of the other areas too light. But I wanted to show you how lovely this sculpture composition is. In shadow against the lighter walls, one can see that each view presents a very different abstract shape. Without being able to make out the details of the figure and if you only look at the dark shapes, you can see more clearly the design of the artist.

If they thought about it at all, people might think that sculptors only think in terms of form and possibly function (technical aspects regarding the material and how it can be used to best advantage, for example). However, composition for a sculptor also means that he will design from many vantage points, trying to create interest in an ever-changing audience position. This sculpture is quite lovely and dynamic.

And just think: this is just the courtyard of the former palace!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Parking Garage Florence Italy

Cari Amici (Dear Friends),

The workmen at a parking garage in Florence, Italy, waved at her when they noticed artist Kelly Borsheim staring at them, but perhaps they did not believe her when she told them that she would make a pastel painting of them. Kelly walks the Renaissance City constantly searching for beautiful patterns of light. And it is even better when people are involved.

This image was created from a parking garage on Via de Fossi in central Florence. The men were repairing the neon sign. The extreme shadows caused by a late afternoon sun on the parking garage sign were what first caught the attention of the artist. However, the Italian men working on the exterior wall gave an interesting point of action to the image.

This painting was created in pastels -- pure pigment -- on a highly textured watercolor paper. It is a thick strong paper and offers a subtle texture to the art. Like all of Kelly's pastel and charcoal artworks, this one has been treated with a fixative spray and will ship safely to your home or office.

46 x 64 cm
Pastel on Windsor Newton watercolor paper
© 2010 Kelly Borsheim
$1400 + $20 shipping and (if applicable) sales tax

I was delighted last week when I met Mario Vukelic and his lovely wife Minja Kopčić while I was streetpainting a copy of a Raphael. They are friends on Facebook and were here in Florence, Italy, on vacation from their home in Croatia. Mario is also a streetpainter and he was kind enough to write about our meeting and post an image on his blog about pastel art news:

There is still time:

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