Sunday, April 5, 2015

Buona Pasqua

Dear Art Lover,
     I want to wish you a very happy Easter weekend.  ("Buona Pasqua" means "happy Easter" in Italian.)  Whatever the significance this religious holiday has for you personally, I hope that you can appreciate the general concept of good triumphing over horror, and new life returning to us.  
Shell Ginger Tropical plant pastel painting art raindrops
Pastel Painting by Kelly Borsheim
     I will be working in Italy until June when I return to the States for this bronze casting project and even some stone carving.  Yes, that is right.... THANK YOU for a successful Kickstarter art project crowd funding event! 

However, if you are curious at all about how Florence, Italy, celebrates Easter, I have a couple of blog posts that you may find fun. 
     The Explosion of the Cart [what one of my friends calls "A Willy Wonka production"]:
and the blessing of the relic [and thank you to one of our 36 pledgers, Lili Baehr, who met me in Firenze years ago and told me of this service]:

     Be safe, be loving, and thank you again for your generosity and warmth.
Today’s featured art is

Raindrops on Shell Ginger

18" x 14"
Pastel on dark green Sennelier paper


~ Kelly Borsheim, sculptor, painter, writer, teacher

P.S. Happy birthday to Llewellyn and Alicia!

Shell Ginger Tropical plant pastel painting art raindrops
Detail image of pastel painting "Raindrops on Shell Ginger"