Friday, September 22, 2017

Wind and Wisteria

Dear Art Lover,
     So, I just published days ago my September art newsletter with the theme, “Wind, Water, and Wisteria” because alliteration is just fun.  You may read the whole thing online with lots more images here:

    In it, I introduced a new wall-hanging bas-relief sculpture, Wind and Wisteria.  I have changed the face of “wind personified” a bit to emphasize the action of blowing, and changed the face of the boy a little, in the act of receiving.  But we have had rain here for a solid week and I just could not take another image !  Still you have an idea here in this Photo-shop mock-up of the composition and “airiness” of the art.

Wind and Wisteria shown in clay as if it were bronze sculpture
Wind and Wisteria shown in clay as if it were bronze sculpture

     As usual, I am offering a pre-casting [lower] price to help me realize a new clay work into bronze.
Check it all out, as well as the story behind this sculpture, here:

     Now, off to continue this precision mural I stopped working on seems like a year ago . . . [it is in my own home, so … ]

Happy birthday, Michelle Borsheim!


Kelly Borsheim, artist

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