Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Savings Account

Cari Amici (Dear Friends),

I am so excited! Today “my kid” Rudy and I opened up a bank account to keep track of the funds we are collecting to help Rudy get some teeth. You may remember the fund-raiser that I started for him on July 31st, in which I am selling giclée prints on canvas of some of my images of Italy.

Recently, one of my colleagues and friends who preferred to stay anonymous gave me $150 to help Rudy and then I received another cash donation of $20. This past weekend I received my first order for the giclées. The collector took advantage of free shipping and a quantity discount when ordering four images together. So, we are on our way for helping this young man born with Treacher Collins Syndrome improve his ability to eat healthy food and enjoy his life a bit more.

Rudy felt a bit ridiculous when I asked him if I could take our pictures in the bank to mark this occasion. You would think that he would be used to me documenting our lives by now. In his embarrassment, he started to laugh and could not truly stop until we left the bank. But I like these shots and I hope we can continue to make this savings account grow.

For more information about Rudy and our fund-raiser and to place your order, please visit:

I will be adding some more images as I get more time. I have more Angels and more Carnivale masks from Venice, as well as scenics of beloved Italian living. Stay tuned . . .