Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Art Studio Florence Italy

Cari Amici (Dear Friends),

Anyone who follows my postings on Facebook might have the impression that I only play while I am in Italy. That is only partly true. Besides, how many images of an artist working can someone stand to look at? While part of my day is spent trying to learn more Italian, I am making art during other parts of the day.

Still do not believe me? Well, here is a snapshot of my studio… which doubles as the little room that I live in here in central Florence. I have only got three easels set up at the moment, with two of them holding works that are almost finished. I just want them around because often when I wake up and see them with a fresh eye, I find something to tweak. With me, there is usually more thinking than doing.

I do not claim to be a tidy person . . . never have been. It is just not how I choose to spend my time and I think the time to clean comes when my preferred activities become hindered by the things around me. I do not live the exotic life that some people seem to think that I do. However, once I step out of my little room, I am in Florence, Italy. And that is currently alright with me!

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