Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Sea Monster Feeding Umag

Dear YOU!
      So, do you remember my recent post that contained the question about a sea monster feeding here in Umag, Croatia?  Well, about a week ago, I walked north.  I was delighted to find a little park that started off with un-butchered olive trees.  [Italians seem to prefer to dramatically cut theirs to keep the height down.]  Then as I walked along, I felt the carpet beneath me as I inhaled the gorgeous scent of pine trees.  Oh, what a joy!  The sea was visible and I walked along her edge.

      Here in Umag there is a mixture of sea wall and beach, but mostly walls as one nears the harbor.  It is a fairly clean city, from what little I have actually seen.  [Despite my silly postings, I do spend the majority of my days alone in my small flat researching, writing, and painting.] So, you may imagine why it is that there are occasionally pieces of Styrofoam cartons near the water’s edge.  You will note in these images that there is no other trash along these waterways, so I am sticking to my theory of a sea monster feeding by the Istrians.

      I am sure there is a rational explanation for this behavior, although, what is not rational about feeding sea monsters?  It probably does not hurt that in the evenings while working on the computer, I have been taking advantage of a TV in my room.  A TV is something that I have rarely missed in Italy.  Most of the stations I watch here are in Italian, some with subtitles. So, I hope to improve my comprehension skills.  Lately, I have been watching a series of films about mythology and Titons and Zeus and those sorts of stories.            [Surprisingly, there does not seem to be two stations here using the Croatian or Istrian languages.  However, there are TONS of Arabic stations!  And one station that is part of the radio series that says it is in Farsi, but it is French.  I listen to that one too, during the day while I paint.]

     Anyway, I leave you with a little snapshot of the sea monster’s competition for his nightly meal.  I am tempted one night to go out and sit in wait.  I just need to figure out which day they do this, since I do not see the offerings every day.

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     And, as always, thank you for your continued interest.  Share this with anyone you think might appreciate it! 

~ Kelly Borsheim, sculptor, painter, writer, teacher