Friday, May 22, 2015

We're Off to See the [Bronze] Wizard!

Dear Art Lover,

     I am actually trying to meet a painting deadline before I must pack up all of my things, leave my flat, and prepare for the next stage of the adventure.  So, please forgive my lack of posting… I have lots more of Italia that I want to show you.  However, for now, please enjoy a few snapshots I took when I went to visit my new friend Camila on her last day (this trip) in Firenze.

     They had some sort of festival going on May 8, so the Loggia in Piazza della Signoria and also the statue of Neptune were lit up with colors.  Plus we experienced another gorgeous sky that evening.

Florence, Italy  Lights Natural and Real

Florence, Italy  Lights Natural and Real

Florence, Italy  Lights Natural and Real

Florence, Italy  Lights Natural and Real

Florence, Italy  Lights Natural and Real

Kickstarter campaign update for “Casting Call:  I’m Melting!  Melting!  . . . Into Bronze.”

     I am delighted to announce that most of my wax sculptures have now safely made it to the bronze casting foundry in Texas so the work can be started! [My part in the wax work had already been done.]

This is all due to the generosity of time and driving by John Borsheim and fellow sculptor Marla Ripperda, people I have known and loved for decades. John packed up the sculptures and brought them to Austin, met with Marla, and Marla took them to the foundry a couple of hours away. I feel very grateful for their help since it has turned out that my travels around the US once I leave Italy in a couple of weeks make it so that I will not arrive in central Texas until mid-late July.

     YAY! You have made the casting commence! Thank you so much!



P.S. If you have not sent me your mailing address or your choice of specific Reward yet, please do so. I will be ordering the prints and books in about a week.

Sculptors Marla Ripperda, Bill Barnett and Kelly Borsheim pour molten bronze in Austin, Texas
Sculpture Instructors and colleagues at the
Elisabet Ney Sculpture Conservatory in Austin, Texas
[L-R:]  Marla Ripperda, Bill Barnett, and Kelly Borsheim pour molten bronze to make art
copyright 2002 Borsheim Arts Studio