Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Angel Academy Florence Italy

Cari Amici (Dear Friends),

Not much time for writing these days, but I wanted to share that this week, I will have finished my painting of a plaster sculpture cast from a Carpeaux. I will post an image of that painting once she is finished and I have time to take a proper shot. In the meantime, please enjoy these images of my life at the Angel Academy of Art in Florence, Italy…

Caption for above: Sophie gave me these flowers recently. She bought them as possible still life models, but they did not work with the other objects. I asked, “Why me? Lots of people here would love some flowers.” She said, “Because you gave me flowers and I love that memory.” Then she had to remind me that several years ago, I used to ride my bike to school from Via Leonardo da Vinci. I passed a large wall full of jasmine and would pick some blossoms each morning. Once in the studio, I placed jasmine on each woman’s easel. [I would have also shared with the men, but I only had so many stolen scents.] Timing is everything and that night (last Thursday), a 70-year-old + Australian model, Victor, told me that it was his birthday and I gave the bouquet to him. He was delighted! And I think the world is all connected.

Caption for above: Martin applies charcoal “war paint” on my face. Several of my colleagues are cheering me on to the finish line with my cast painting.

Caption for above: This is my next cast painting, the Roman man with the helmet decorated with lions. I love his little pouty mouth, as if his helmet is too tight. Ha!

Happy birthday, Dad!