Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Sausage Buying in the Fog

Dear Art Lover,

    Today I would like to share some images from my Facebook post yesterday that had a much higher than usual response rate (positive).  I know that I have let this blog slip a bit, but I have been trying to get my art-making schedule back, as well as going through rehab for my injured knee.  On that latter front, I was relieved to have two specialists in January overturn the verdict for ACL reconstruction surgery that I received from another specialist on 2 Dec.  So, I was given electro-magnetic therapy (for bones) and electro-stimulation therapy (for atrophied quads), as well as a slew of exercises and instructions on how to retrain my brain to walk without limping.

     Another good thing is that I have returned to the mural painting and I hope to keep at it until I can finish it.  It turned out to be way more complicated than I imagined when I started it.  But only because it is not just any landscape.  It is a specific one.

     I also got the green light from my therapist to travel and have booked my flights to the US.  I will mostly be working in Texas, but will be traveling around a bit for family and galleries in April and May.  Drop me a line if you would like to try to meet up, please.

     So, here are the images of my walk yesterday.  A couple of friends saw me on the road and stopped for a hello.  Then Gianni invited me to tag along with them while they went into the small town to buy some fresh sausage from a kill made on Sunday.  I know that my vegetarian friends are cringing at that thought, but hey, at least the Italians here are raising only a few animals in lovely spaces and they use practically everything of the animal.  I was pretty impressed that the little scruffy dog, Gregory, was so well behaved around all of this raw meat.  Not all of it was packed under salt.  He was good even in the van with the meat in a bag underneath his little paws!  He seemed more interested in barking at the windshield wipers when they were in motion than in sniffing out pig. 

     If you like, please have a look at some of my sculpture online here:
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Foggy walk in Tuscany, Italy

Buying fresh made sausages in Tuscany, Italy
Buying fresh made sausages in Tuscany, Italy

Salted pig meat in Tuscany, Italy  TEN DAYS
Salted pig meat in Tuscany, Italy, leave for TEN DAYS

Buying fresh made sausages in Tuscany, Italy
Buying fresh made sausages in Tuscany, Italy
dog seems unaware of meat in the same room of Tuscan farmhouse
Surprised that Gregory behaved so well.