Wednesday, February 3, 2010

La Giostra Pastel Art

Cari Amici (Dear Friends),

Hello! I suspect you are busy like me, so I just want to spend a short amount of time introducing you to my newly completed pastel and charcoal drawing. She is one of the current Italy-inspired series, specifically of Florence (Firenze, as she is known in her own language). The title of this original artwork is “La Giostra” which means “Merry-Go-Round.”

One of my friends remarked that this is a cool merry-go-round because it invites all ages. The kids will enjoy riding on the horse while the grown-ups can snuggle up in the moon-shaped carriage. In reality, I first fell in love with this giostra in Piazza della Repubblica when I noticed that there was a painting of a bare-breasted woman on the inner wall, between the mirrors. I cannot imagine that even existing in America and I found that quite charming.

However, for various reasons, I decided to replace her with a male nude figure (except for his headband). I borrowed him from Michelangelo, as a nod to one of the most famous offspring from the Renaissance City.

“La Giostra” is 23 x 17 inches. The pastel and charcoal drawing was created on the Roma-brand paper that I brought back to Texas from Italy. She will debut this weekend at my Open Studio here in central Texas. So, please come on out!

Some people have commented that they thought the event was Saturday only, but no – it is both Saturday AND Sunday from noon to 5 pm or so.
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You are Invited -- and Bring Your Friends!

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6 & 7 February 2010, Saturday & Sunday
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Happy Birthday, Great Aunt Lil!