Saturday, February 7, 2015

Tasmania in the Clouds New Painting

Dear Art lover,

     Tree lovers unite!  I went to Tasmania last June…the beginning of winter in that hemisphere and also the end of Tasmania’s tourist season.  My new friends there told my friend Amber and me that the weather that time of year could have been anything.  We enjoyed perfect weather, in my book.  We got fog and rain, but it was not too cold, considering.  We got sunshine and amazing vistas.  And we were amongst the trees, so many amazing kinds of trees!  Hiking weather was great and with so few others out and about, it really felt almost like undiscovered Nature.

     I would like to introduce to you a new oil painting that I created to remember the feeling of mist in the trees. I hope you like her.  She is available and I wish that I could show you the full size.  I love these larger, but still manageable painting sizes!

Kelly Borsheim's Original Oil Painting:

Tasmania landscape painting trees clouds fog oil original art
Tasmania - trees and cloud/fog  original oil painting 80 x 100 cm

Tasmania in the Clouds

80 x 100 cm [about 31.4 x 39.4 inches]
Oil Painting on Canvas
© 2014-2015
Kelly Borsheim
Available - $3,800

If you would like to see work-in-progress images of “Tasmania in the Clouds,” please check out her own page on my site:

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Tasmania landscape painting tree painting art studio artist's working space painter
A view of part of my studio space so you may see size.  WIP-Tasmania
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~ Kelly Borsheim, sculptor, painter, writer, teacher