Monday, March 26, 2012

Anghiari Italy

Cari Amici (Dear Friends),
I just spent another lovely weekend with friends in Caprese Michelangelo, the little village where the great sculptor was born. Many people think that Michelangelo was born in Firenze, Italia, but he only moved there as a baby with his family. Caprese added his name to theirs later on in the little town’s history.

On our way back to Arezzo, where I was to catch the train back to Firenze, we stopped in Anghiari, of the famous Leonardo da Vinci fresco fame. [They have been trying for a looonnnnggg time now to discover whether or not Leonardo’s lost depiction of this famous battle in Anghiari does in fact lie underneath an artwork by Vasari in the Palazzo Vecchio in Firenze.] There happened to be an antique car show going on in the main piazza of Anghiari. It was quite a lovely chance viewing, especially considering that the annual market in neighboring Sansepolcro had lured away many locals and tourists from all over the region.

These images are from Anghiari. What has all this to do with art, the topic of this blog? Well, I learned that the bronze statue that you see with his arm in the air has a problem. The bronze sculpture depicts Giuseppe Garibaldi, the man who is given credit for the unification of Italy. I was told that he is supposed to be pointing towards Roma (Rome, for those who think proper names should be translated). However, once the sculpture was completed, everyone realized that in order for Garibaldi to point where he should, his bum would be facing those entering the piazza. Unacceptable! So, the Italians decided to have him point directly opposite the direction of Roma. Go figure … and a lesson for artists to do their homework!

I am off to Morocco in a few hours, so will probably be out of touch for about two weeks. I hope to have some lovely images to share with you after I get back to the bella Italia.