Monday, August 3, 2015

Dave with Janet and SkySeries Tryptich Paintings

Dear Art Lover,     
     Today’s August offerings are two… but one is actually a combination of three small paintings.  Both artworks are from various life drawing sessions I attended in Austin, Texas, with great models.

     In case you missed yesterday’s post:     I would like to offer, for the month of August 2015 only, selected paintings and drawings for about half the price as my going rate these days.  These are older works, but ones that for one reason or several others, I cannot stand the idea of destroying.  Please contact me directly if you see something you love and would like to add to your art collection.  Here goes the first one for today … 
Dave with Janet Original Oil Painting 22 x 28 inches by Kelly Borsheim

22" X 28" Oil on Canvas  [framed]
2001 by Kelly Borsheim
[juxtaposed from two different live model painting sessions]
August 2015 Price:  $400  [plus any Texas sales tax and/or shipping]

     Dave and Janet were/are very well-known and often hired models during many of my formative years in Austin, Texas.  It is likely that every figurative artist in the past 20 years has drawn or painted them at least once.  Dave always likes to push himself, in his running and in his modeling.  He worked to make his poses interesting from many angles.  Even at his older age (from most of my colleagues and me), he designed poses that were difficult to hold.  The pose you see here of Dave is one that I have painted many times, from many angles.  He said he was inspired by Michelangelo.
     Janet is a lovely person.  I have painted her less often, but always enjoyed the experience.  I think that I painted at her session first.  I was in a stage of my artistic journey in which I felt overwhelmed having only three hours with a model and was still doing body parts and using them to find interesting compositions.  I often compose  triangles in my work.
     These two wonderful models, real people and real friends, also posed together for me for the bronze sculpture titled, “I am You.”  They taught me so much during that project!

Now, here is some more of Dave:
Sky Series Mini Paintings Dave in Michelangelo-inspired poses live model

Sky Series Triptych
EACH painting is 4 x 4 inches - 3 framed together
mixed media on boards
2006 by Kelly Borsheim

I offer this set of three 4x4 inch original paintings [framed as shown here] to you for only $200 US.  Texas state sales tax (6.75%) may apply.  There is also a $9.50 packaging and shipping fee.

Please contact me for more information.
Thank you and as always…


~ Kelly Borsheim, sculptor and painter

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