Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Ghana Weaving

Cari Amici (Dear Friends),

I recently received a small package from Ghana. It was from my young friend Emmanuele Asare-Budu. He has a BFA in Sculpture and would like to establish an art school in Ghana. But he needs tools. I tried many years ago to help him come to America to study at one of the stone carving workshops here, but it is very, very difficult to help someone enter the USA, even for one week of training.

Emmanuele is very polite and dedicated to his art. He always tells me when we do communicate how much he wants to share what he knows with other artists from Ghana. I must admit that I do not know much about Ghana, but I do get the impression from Emmanuele and others that there is a growing arts community in that African country. And inside the package I received was a weaving from Ghana – in this case a green woven scarf with my name on it.

My mother has been visiting since Friday and this image is one that my redheaded sister Amber took on her camera using a timer during their recent visit. Her husband Alex is enjoying the company of girls.

These next two images we show off the new scarf. Thank you, Emmanuele. And if you would like to help this young man start a sculpture school in Ghana, please send me your contact information and I will forward it to Emmanuele. He says that what he most needs now are tools.

Finally, if you have been disappointed at all that I have not kept up my writings about places outside of America, fret not. I will be visiting London soon and no doubt sharing some of my impressions of her museums and art culture.

While I am London-bound, my brother Alex is being deployed to Afghanistan. Strange how connected, yet so very different, our lives can be... Be safe, Alex! Lots of love travels with you!