Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Women’s Day and Mural

Dear Art Lover,
     Apparently, it is International Women’s Day.  While I do not get particularly enthused about holidays designed to remind us that we each have value [why should we need that?], I must recognize that we still have not created a world in which we treat each other as equals, or at the very least, with respect and dignity.  So, until such a time exists, these days serve as reminders to decent folks. 

     And speaking of women, I lost a very dear Florentine woman friend of mine on March 1.  She called me a sister and I will never forget Susanna’s kindness to me and her love and friendship.  This has been a long haul for her and these last several weeks were especially difficult for me and her other close loved ones, as we watched her slowly leave us.

     Back at home now, I started working today on the mural project I wrote about in an earlier post.  This one is slow going since it is a specific landscape painting, versus an imagined one.  The mural size is 109 x 240 cm, so about one-fourth the size of my firstTuscan mural in Caprese Michelangelo, Italy.

Thank you.


landscape painting Mural Tuscany Italy, art
Detail of starting to fill in the cartoon transfer

landscape painting Mural Tuscany Italy, art, fake window
Start of another Tuscan Mural, Italy, by Kelly Borsheim