Saturday, July 21, 2012

Italian Homes Florence

Cari Amici (Dear Friends),

Whenever I am invited into someone’s home or working space here in Florence, Italy, I make it a point to go, even if it is early in the wee hours. The buildings here have so much history and while there have been renovations over the years, with the addition of electricity and plumbing for example, it always surprises me how many beautiful and art-filled places of yore still exist and are available to people to rent. [Although, sadly, it is true that many Florentines have moved out of the central part of the city because it has just become too expensive and maybe a bit too full of stranieri (foreigners) for their tastes.]

Most people visiting central Firenze (Florence’s true name) will never experience her mysteries and full beauty. The gardens and most of the Italian homes are hidden from casual view. It makes one wonder just how dangerous the medieval times really were! Walls are thick and one must often enter a courtyard to see much green in this city.

Recently, after an evening out with friends, our small party was invited over to join the neighbors of one of my friends for a couple of drinks. These images I took of their home give you an idea of its elegance. The two images in the middle of this collection were taken in the bedroom of one of the men. I must say that the trompe-l'œil borders on the ceiling were the most three-dimensional that I have seen. I was quite impressed and enchanted. I hope you can get an idea of what I mean…