Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Relationships Most Important - Laughter, Love, and Food

This past weekend I felt even more fortunata than before. A friend of a friend needed someone to take pictures at his daughter's first birthday party, so I filled in. Momma mia! This home was high in the sky with a 360-degree deck featuring a panoramic view of the city of Florence and the surrounding mountains -- absolutely fantastic! And so much art throughout this home.

The party was fun, even though I knew no one. People were so warm and friendly. One charming older woman tried to teach me the difference in Italian accents -- when your mouth says "ehh" by moving the lower lip downward, you sound as though you are from the south of Italy, but up here in Florence, one would move the mouth to the side when uttering this vowel sound. All rather charming, although when we finished having fun with the "noises" and lip pulls, I forgot what was the actual word that contained this sound!

After the party, I enjoyed three shots of Grappa with the baby's grandfather and one of his close friends. I was so comfortable here, it was almost like hanging out with my father and his fellow pilot buddies. The parents loaded me up with dolci (sweets), meat, and pizza, as well as two long sandwiches. And I also received an open invitation to return for the views.

I hope you enjoy this image, even though there was a cloud over Firenze's Duomo. If you would like to see many of my other Italian images, please visit:

Incidently, 'Happy Birthday' in Italian = Buon Compleanno
(anno means 'year' so I wonder if 'birthday' translates to 'completed year'? -- hmmmm)

Sunday, October 7, 2007

International Festival - Florence, Italy

Since Thursday evening, Piazza Santa Croce has housed the International Festival. It ends today, but not before my friend Hafiza and I will try out some of the German sausages and sauerkraut. I truly enjoy all of the activity this particular piazza supports. I am so very lucky to be living here in the home of my friend Grazia.

Planet and Moon Watching - Florence, Italy

Coming home after a wonderful dinner made by my friend Rachel and then dancing with Skye and Rachel, I saw this lovely vision in the sky above the Basilica di Santa Croce. I wish I had a decent camera with me -- can you see the dark roundness of the moon? And what is that planet that is so incredibly bright next to him? Stars are not often visible in the perhaps smog that settles over Firenze, so I was delighted by this early morning view.