Thursday, February 7, 2008

Somerset Drawing Paper

Somerset Drawing Paper

I am trying out a paper that I bought in the States this holiday season. It is called Somerset (Antique is the color) and I am using it for my 5-week charcoal drawing project of a model named Francesco. This image shows where I am – I am the Queen of macchiata. I mean that my technique needs to improve because my application of the charcoal on the paper is rather blotchy.

This drawing follows the same procedure as my drawing last fall of Sara. This process I am learning is wonderful and logical,; for all successful artists work in systems. However, I have yet to learn how to obtain a smooth tone.

I do not have enough experience with charcoal and papers to know whether or not the Somerset will work, but my fear is that it will not. It accepted rather well the Rembrandt Black pastel stick that I used for the pedestal. However, while rubbing my soft Bs into the background before sponging it, I discovered that fine pieces of paper or a lint of sorts, rubbing off with excess carboncino.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

International Pancake Day, Italy

OK, apparently today was Fat Tuesday and I did not realize it. Oh well. However, I received a spontaneous invitation from my friend Skye while I was working on my cast drawing in charcoal. Apparently it is not only model Sara’s birthday, it is also International Pancake Day. So lots of folks like me accepted her impromptu party invitation and enjoyed lovely, sweet thin Australian pancakes topped with proscuito, pomodoro, formaggio, funghi, pesto, o fragola, zucchero, limone, banana, miele, gelato, cioccolato, Nutella, e più

Great fun and on my way home, I got to see lots of good eye candy – like an Italian man walking down Via Verde in a pink dress. Happy Mardi Gras!
Ciao, ciao, from Florence, Italy.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Charcoal Figure Drawing Art

Ciao! Oggi it rains, so I have decided to set up a safer photoshoot in my room here on the same street that the house of Michelangelo is on in Firenze, so that I may get a final image of my charcoal drawing of Sara. So, here she is – 66 x 46 cm and the title is “A World Away.” Most models are familiar with this idea of where their minds travel while they are not moving during the pose.

Sara’s birthday is the 5th and I have come to understand that I do not always meet deadlines for myself, but if I set them based on what I would like to do for other people, the deadline takes on more significance for me and are met. When the rain stops and I have time, I will spray her with fixative and then take my charcoal drawing to the frame shop for a cornice. She will be more protected in this way and ready for her new life in someone else’s space.

I hope you enjoy “A World Away” and my little blog discussions during her creation about my choices on the disegno. Grazie!