Sunday, February 7, 2016

Reginald Bronze

Dear Art Lover,
     Flashing back a few years, I want to feature one of my favorite works.  I like the subtlety of movement in it and the exaggerated proportions in the bronze figure. 
     Reginald was a model that I met during an Open Studio in Austin, Texas. Back in 2000, I did not see many black models or even black artists. I asked him if he would pose for me to create a walking man figure. My studio being over a 30-minute drive from town, I went to his flat in central Austin (for he did not have a car and walked anywhere he needed or wanted to be within reason).
     He posed in his small living room, while I sculpted in his even smaller dining room. It was a wonderful experience for both of us and I was very pleased in 2002 when the bronze Reginald was exhibited in the City of Austin's Dougherty Art Gallery. He was also featured in most of the press received for this July event. The show was titled, "From Paper to Bronze: Sculptors who Draw" and I had invited another artist, Marian Waldrip, to exhibit with me in my first (and only, I think) 2-person event. We even did a LIVE life drawing one evening during the exhibition.

     I hope you enjoy the naturalness I tried to capture in Reginald's body.  I have only ONE of these bronze sculptures Reginald left. He is half-life size [34" H x 12" x 13"] and is priced at only $9500, but until 15 February, you may acquire him (even with my NO-finance-charge layaway plan) at $8075.  Let him greet your home visitors!

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And please share this promotion with anyone you think may be interested in it.

Thank you.