Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Frogs and Cattails Pond Sculpture

Dear Art Lover,
     Recently I received a request to enlarge and make a few changes to my original bronze sculpture “Cattails and Frog Legs” for a pond.  The new composition will be over twice the size of the original piece for outdoor exhibition.  Being a bronze, the small work will also suit for outdoors; however, it will work better in a smaller garden, or at least a more intimate space, perhaps a small entryway or even an interior?

     I also like the frog and lily pad base to be exhibited resting on top of a mirrored tile.  The mirror’s reflections tend to resemble the effect of water.  I have seen tiles around 12” x 12” and perhaps they are also made in the 18” x 18” size?  Ask for them in your local hardware or home décor store.

     While I was looking through my images of the smaller bronze sculpture for reference, I came across this fun picture from when I was casting several bronzes in the limited edition when I lived and worked in central Texas.  It is a box full of newly cast bronze froggies!  They still need to be chased (a bronze term meaning to remove the bronze sprues and otherwise clean up the sculpture with metal-working tools).

Bronze Frogs After Bronze Casting Need Chasing
Box of newly "hatched" bronze froggies by Kelly Borsheim

Bronze Sculpture Cattails and Frog Legs by Kelly Borsheim
Bronze sculpture
"Cattails and Frog Legs"
bronze sculpture
limited edition of 99
19" h x 7" w x 6" d
© 2007 Kelly Borsheim

This bronze is available for only $1500, with the Layaway Plan available if that interests you.  She will ship from Austin, Texas, so if you send me a mailing address, I can get you a shipping quote as well.  You may see more images of “Cattails and Frog Legs” here:

Thank you for your interest and I will be showing you images of the new composition in the months ahead.
Bronze Frog detail of sculpture by Kelly Borsheim
Bronze Frog detail of sculpture by Kelly Borsheim



Jo Castillo said...

I love this, will look forward to seeing the bigger one!
All is well here in Texas …. at the moment, anyway. :-)

Kelly Borsheim said...

Thank you, Jo! Good that Texas is still going strong. I hope there is little drought this year...too many tough summers!
I am not sure when I will get back... it depends on my family. :-)
Take care and happy pasteling...hahha.. not a verb, but should be!


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