Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday Giclee Sale

Cari Amici (Dear Friends),

While I seem to be running “a day late and a dollar short” these days, perhaps because stubbornly, I want to use my daylight hours for art creating… I did want to jump in on offering shopping specials during this weekend of Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

So, now through this Cyber Monday (29 November) at midnight (well, ok before I wake up in Texas on Tuesday morning), I am offering all of my blog readers

20% off of all available giclée

Giclée (pronounced 'zhee-clay') is a French term used to describe a high-quality reproduction of 2-d art using inks that will last at least 200 years, given reasonable care of your art (ie… little direct sun).

While I do encourage collecting original art, I am fully aware that not everyone can do that. I am very impressed with the quality of my giclée and would love to see people have things around them that move them.

Lately, I have been creating pastels and charcoal paintings/drawings on paper. I have had hi-resolutions scans done of all of these, such as ”The Letter” that you see here. Please note that for an original that is on paper, the giclée will be on paper. Painting reproductions are on canvas. Also, if the proportion is not matched with the original, then please tell me the longest dimension that you want. For example, “The Letter” is a long and narrower drawing compared to a standard 24” x 18” image proportion. So, if you ordered a 24” giclée, the width might be around 15”.

Also, included in this sale are giclée on canvas of some of my images from Italy that are part of my fund-raising efforts to help my kid Rudy get a set of dentures (implants are apparently way too expensive). He has had about four years now without ANY teeth because of a rule in Medicare that says “teeth are cosmetic and therefore not provided.”
Rudy was born with Treacher Collin’s Syndrome and I think he has struggled enough! For more information on this project, click here:

Details on the Art Sale:
All you have to do to receive your 20% savings, is to visit my Web site and then my contact page. Tell me the title of the artwork you would like to buy and also the size of the giclée. I will send you a PayPal invoice so that you may safely use your credit card online, or you may send me a check, your choice.

I will try to have all images shipped to you before Christmas, but if it is just not possible, I will create a “gift card” to give your loved one on the right date that includes an anticipated arrival date for the artwork.

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