Thursday, November 19, 2009

East Austin Studio Tour Texas

Cari Amici (Dear Friends),

You Are Invited!

I apologize (only slightly) for the repeat about the East Austin Studio Tour here in central Texas. We had a pretty good opening weekend last Saturday and Sunday. I was delighted to see old friends that I have not seen in too many years (including Marjorie who came all the way from The Netherlands!). I also met a lot of cool people, including a local painter named Will Klemm.

Anyway, I include here a group of images of my host Schoen Sculpture Studio, featuring the sculptural portraits by Beth Schoen, lovely paintings by Suzanne Stewart (my favorite being the fishing boy), first-time exhibitor Lauri Randall with her bronze figurative sculptures, and my drawings, sculptures, giclées, and framed photographs from Italy and New Orleans. [The photos are 50% off to make room in my studio for my drawing papers and supplies. So, check ‘em out!]

Join us and see more art from holograms to soap to mosaic quilts and glass blowing. This is an eclectic bunch and I am thrilled to be meeting so many cool people! This Saturday and Sunday are the last days of the East Austin Studio Tour this year.

There are catalogs and maps available to all of the art studios and art-related events. There are more than 150 studios to see this year! Check out the E.A.S.T. Web site (link below) for catalog locations.

21-22 November
(Sat & Sun)
10:00 am - 5 p.m.

E.A.S.T. - East Austin Studio Tour (Texas)
Kelly Borsheim is a Guest Artist Both Weekends
Schoen Sculpture Studio: Sculptor Beth Schoen
1406 Smith Road, Suite E
Austin, Texas 78721
Tel. 512.389.5000
Web site:

Above: Kelly Borsheim, Beth Schoen, and Suzanne Stewart

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