Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Painting The Woodlands and Galveston Texas

Dear Art Lover,     
      I drove to the Houston area this weekend, about 2-3 hours east of Austin, Texas, where I am hanging my hat for the next 30 days.  I timed my visit to the Italian Consulate so that I could see as many friends along the way as possible.  The first meeting happened on Saturday in The Woodlands, north of Houston.  Pinterest was having an arts and crafts event in the Marriott Hotel… what a space it was!  My friend Nancy Hines was doing an painting demo there.  In ONE hour!  She did an amazing job of it, too!  Check out her work on her site:

     Then on Sunday morning, I drove to Missouri City to meet with a model who wanted to work with me.  We decided to drive to the beach in Galveston.  Hahah… I got my TacoCabana fix for lunch.  We worked under the pier since I am not a fan of direct sun and we had too few available hours to wait for the sun to lower her head.  While we were working there, a woman asked me if I had a business card.  She and her daughter had decided they wanted to picnic in the shade under the pier near us and had overheard us talking as we worked. 
     Well, the only things I had brought with me were my tools, an umbrella, and car keys.  So, I wrote my Web site address in the sand in front of her and she photographed it with her phone.  Hahaha… surreal, this world we live in.  I do hope that she looks me up because that is a lovely story about meeting a person!

    Hours later, I dropped my new model friend at his home and drove on into central Houston.  This last image is of me with Lucrecia and one of my photographs on metal.  Her sister Lili will receive this as her reward for the level of support she gave my “Casting Call:  I’m Melting!  Melting!  Into Bronze” art project on Kickstarter this past March.

     And this last image is just a fun one.  Back in Texas and the land that loves hot sauces, made with a variety of hot peppers.  Enjoy… 

~ Kelly Borsheim, sculptor and painter

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