Monday, August 3, 2015

Exploring Europe Original Painting of Young Couple Traveling

Dear Art Lover,     
     Hmmm, it is August already!  I hope that you received my latest art newsletter.  It contains Part II of the images I wanted to share with you of Genoa, Italy’s amazing sculpture museum (aka, the cemetery).  If you have not seen the images… please check out the page online:

    Other news is that I had a bit of a shock when I returned to Texas recently.  I left far more art here than I realized.  So, in order to help me move once I find a place to live and get back to carving stone, I thought that I would try something new. 
     I would like to offer, for the month of August 2015 only, selected paintings and drawings for about half the price as my going rate these days.  These are older works, but ones that for one reason or several others, I cannot stand the idea of destroying.  Please contact me directly if you see something you love and would like to add to your art collection.  Here goes the first one… 
young couple shares a pizza in front of a fountain Germany

Exploring Europe -- AVAILABLE NOW [original art]
24 x 18 cm [about 9.4 x 7 inches] Oil on wood
copyright 2007 Kelly Borsheim

     This painting was inspired by my trip around parts of Europe in 2006 as I traveled to see exhibitions of Eugene Carriere, my favorite painter.  At this writing, I cannot remember where exactly I was when I saw this young couple enjoying the lazy, care-free life, eating pizza and sitting next to a large water fountain that squirted the water UP. However, I believe that I was in Germany when I saw them.

I finished this painting after I settled into Florence, Italy, in 2007 [hence the board dimensions in centimeters], but now the work is with me in Austin, Texas.

I offer this original painting to you for only $50 US.  Texas state sales tax (6.75%) may apply.  There is also a $9.50 packaging and shipping fee.

Please contact me for more information.
Thank you and as always…


~ Kelly Borsheim, sculptor and painter

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