Friday, March 27, 2015

Eric Bronze and Granite

Hello everyone!  I just wanted to thank you again for your early support and a couple of you who have even increased your pledges, as well as sharing my posts on Facebook with your friends and followers.

I have just added a new reward, Eric… and he is one of my favorites and a great model to work with. 

Eric: 10" h x 11" w x 8" d, bronze with granite base  

We still have a lot to do to meet the goal… remember with Kickstarter it is all or nothing and I really want to get these waxes cast before I lose them to the Texas heat! 

Here is where we are … every pledge helps momentum.  You know that lots of folks will bid once the goal looks achievable. . you have helped that off to a good start. 
  • $3,695 pledged
  • 32% funded
  • 22 backers
  • 5 days to go
Ends the midnight between 1 and 2 April, Texas time.  Thank you,

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