Friday, November 20, 2009

Diverse Art Austin Texas

Cari Amici (Dear Friends),

I write as I am preparing for the last weekend of E.A.S.T. (East Austin Studio Tour). I am a guest artist at Schoen Sculpture Studio, 1406 Smith Road, Austin, Texas. And I have the coolest artists in my building, including one working with holograms, another with Tesla coils, glass pulling, concrete, mosaic, paintings in many media, soaps, and of course: sculpture! Join us ??

Enjoy the images of my colleagues:
Marci Robinson serves up some of Tito’s Hand-made vodka.

Nubian Queen Lola and Lisa Marie Mitchell serve up Homemade Cajun Cooking – Crawfish Etouffee and Gumbo with cornbread. All proceeds go to feeding the homeless.

Paintings by Jan Knox.

A recording studio: Sweatbox exhibiting works by their clients

RC Hot Glass with guest artists on exhibit

Flo Vazquez with one of her glass bowls (East by Southeast Studios)

Visitor Kimberly Watson-Hemphill pulls on the gooey glass while RC Hot Glass staff member Morgan Graff supports the glass on a metal rod.

Love these scissors! I must say that I am not crazy about the lack of safety gear during this project. Guests are given glasses, but . . . maybe I am just too cautious, but I would be wearing more and require others to do so as well.

Holograms by Sally Weber

And Craig Newswanger (right) shows off a Tesla coil recently used by the Austin-based, but world-traveled band ArcAttack in a free concert at the Smith Road Art Complex.

ArcAttack then gave a free concert last Wednesday evening in front of the UT (Univ. of Texas) Tower. Very cool, I wish that my photo could convey the atmosphere. Hanging out with physics people can be quite fun!

Per the catalog, here is a list of artists at the Smith Road address (in catalog order):
Glenda Kronke – kiln-formed glass sculpture
Flo Vazquez – kiln-formed glass
Ruth Heffron – oil painting
Rebecca Cole – RC Hot Glass
Craig Newswanger – Resonance Studio (computer controlled music)
Sally Weber – holography, photography, light and sound
Germaine Keller – conceptual art
Gladys Poorte – painting
Jim Sipowicz – photography and art printing
Judy Jensen – reverse painting and drawing on glass
Rino Pizzi – metal sculpture
Faith Schexmayder – foam sculpture, mosaics, fabricating
Lisa Linbrugger – jewelry design and metalsmithing
(Beth) Schoen Sculpture Studio – portrait sculpture and classes
Rebecca Bennett – abstract ethereal oil painting
House 11 Studio – concrete
Suzanne Stewart – oil painting
Valerie Walden – original interpretive oil and pastel paintings of nature
Etsy Austin – collaboration of artists utilizing various mediums
Kelly Borsheim – figurative stone carving, bronze, paintings, and drawings
Jan Knox – paintings, acrylic, collage
Nepenthe’s Bathtime – artisan soap and bath products
Kreeger Pottery – ceramics

And this is only one location of E.A.S.T. !
Will you not join us all this Saturday and Sunday from 10 am to 5 pm each day. (Ok, you may visit only part of that time, if you wish ;-)

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Anonymous said...

What a great Art Time!!!
I hope to be in San Antonio next year and like to come for this occasion.
Thks, Gene P.