Friday, September 8, 2017

Water Raindrops Hurricane Watch

Tuscan Raindrops Water After Storm Olive Tree LeavesDear Art Lover,
     I seem to have water on my mind a lot lately, as you will see when I publish images of my next two charcoal drawings in my upcoming art newsletter. 

     Here in Tuscany, Italy, we recently had a decent rainstorm.  I am often enchanted with the light before, during, and AFTER a storm.  This one left us with raindrops everywhere, a bit magical!  I include in this post a few of my favorite snapshots walking around my home the other day.  

     Also, I have a special offer on a work that I did in Texas on the same theme.  I was down in Brownsville waiting for my father to finish some pilot exam he had to take.  “Raindrops on Shell Ginger” was how I amused myself in the garden.  Noticing Nature’s wonders is a joy we should choose to experience.

Raindrops on Shell Ginger - original pastel painting art

Raindrops on Shell Ginger

18" x 14"
Pastel on dark green Sennelier paper
© 2010 Kelly Borsheim
$600, ships from Austin, Texas

Only $600, she ships in a frame for protection, but it is a simple frame and I imagine you might prefer to choose another one.  If you are near Austin, Texas, you may pick the work up there instead of having to pay for shipping.  Zip = 78702

Raindrops on Shell Ginger - original pastel painting art [detail]

     However, I am not always sure that watching Nature’s wrath is an experience worth choosing.  Almost every single one of my family members in Florida has chosen to stay home this weekend and await the terrible Hurricane Irma.  As I write, I just saw an image in which someone compared Hurricane Andrew [which destroyed both my brother’s and my father’s homes in Homestead, Miami-area 25 years ago] to Irma.  Irma looks about THREE times the size and you probably know she has already caused a lot of havoc and death!  Watch with me:


Kelly Borsheim, artist

P.S. IF original art, while affordable, is STILL a bit out of your budget, or the piece you adored has sold?  Or do you like arty things in different formats, to surround yourself with art?  Looking for a gift?  See my store online for pillow, phone cases, shower curtains, towels, tote bags, and yes, even prints on metal, wood, canvas, and so much more:

Tuscan Raindrops Water After Storm Olive Trees

Tuscan Raindrops Water After Storm Lemon Tree

Tuscan Raindrops Water After Storm Lemon Tree
Shelter from the Storm - Lemon Tree

Tuscan Raindrops Water After Storm Olive Tree
See the big dark spot in the sky?  Need new camera: Dirt is inside

Tuscan Raindrops Water After Storm Rosemary
Raindrops on Rosemary

Dog Yoda in Tuscan hillside
My neighbor's dog Yoda enjoyed running around with me.

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