Saturday, December 13, 2014

Christmas wishes from Florence Italy

Dear Art-loving friend,
     I had another visitor just before December started.  We walked to the Santa Maria Novella train station from my home in Florence because a marathon route had stopped the buses from running.  On the way, I saw this and thought it was sad, but funny at the same time.  The hand-written sign under the poinsettias in the doorway of an apartment building reads, “Please do not steal at least until Christmas.”

      Once at the train station, my friend went off to do what she needed to do while I headed towards the tall Christmas tree in front of the trains.  Below are some of the wishes posted on branches.  I am sad that I must leave my beloved Italia very soon.  I have no desire to be clandistina [illegally here] again.  I was caught here four years ago after a strike caused my flight out of Italia to be cancelled.  It took me two months to get another (ah, Europe in the summer).  I am going to miss most of the holiday festivities here, but I do need some alone time and maybe this move is just “what the doctor ordered.”  Or at least the universe. Haha.  
Look for another newsletter in the coming days before I leave that I hope will put you in the holiday spirit.

Here are some of the desires of those in Firenze:  

And in case you missed my lastest art newsletter, please click here:
Thank you.
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Thank you for your interest and enthusiasm,
~ Kelly Borsheim, sculptor, painter, writer, teacher

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