Thursday, July 31, 2014

Istanbul during Ramadan

Dear Art-Loving Friend,

On the night of the full moon, after my friend Kumiko and I finished up at the art symposium in Bulgaria, she and I were on our way to Istanbul.  I hope you enjoy these images.  We packed a lot in to the short time we were there, my first.  I will be writing about the experiences in Bulgaria in an art newsletter in August.  If you would like to receive a subscription to that publication (only 6-8 times per year), please send me your e-mail address with an add request (that list is different from the blog subscription list, which I do not manage).

Anyway, I would write more, but today is my birthday and I want to eat dark chocolate and cherries, some good food, and do some painting.  Hard to believe this journey thus far, and I am curious to know where and how the future unfolds… in any event, I am now:


Jo Castillo said...

For someone who is now "old as dirt" keep on enjoying life! Happy belated birthday! Think of you often.

Kelly Borsheim said...

hahah ... old as dirt, Jo?? You do not act like dirt!
Thank you and I am grateful to have you as a friend.
Happy art making! See you in 2015, if all goes well.


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