Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Olive Harvest II Tuscany Italy

Cari Amici (Dear Friends),

No time to write today . . . must not be late to the studio! Here are some more images from my lovely weekend picking olives. I should mention that the olives are not ripe, really, and quite bitter (I apparently need to taste to believe). Each tree had olives of different colors and at different stages. Some were actually different types of olives. The solid green ones came off easier than the half green/half black. They mix the types for the best oil. The funny part was that one friend laughed at me for biting into an olive out of pure curiosity, then he and I got to laugh again later at our Italian friend for trying it himself and being more theatrical in the face he made as he spit it out. I guess I need to work on my dramatic expressions. Apparently, ripe olives make lousy oil.

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Gene P. said...

Beautiful Story and Photos. I would never have experienced this if not for you Kelly. Thank You.
Gene P.
Happy Thanksgiving to you !


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