Friday, October 26, 2012

More Graffiti Florence Italy

Cari Amici (Dear Friends),

Did you enjoy the last posting on the origins of Italian graffiti? I hope so because here I go again. These images are sadly of graffiti that is disappearing faster than others.

Zecchi’s Art Supply on Via dell Studio, not far from the famous Duomo (cathedral) in central Florence, Italy, still carries the pigments for the graffiti … it is a soft black and the white. Lovely. So, never forget to look up and look around. The world is a gorgeous place and people can do amazing things!

I may not be posting for a while: My favorite holiday is fast approaching. My free time is limited, but I love creating a new version of … whatever… for Halloween. I am quite excited to be surrounded by so many artists and creative people with tons of generous affection flowing. We have a fun party planned and trust me, there will be costumes! Life may not be perfect, but it is joyous.

Also, I have posted three albums of images taken from my summer trip to Spain for the mural workshop. They are here on Facebook. Just click on “Albums” and choose the Spainish albums of your choice. There are three from that trip. I believe you may see these even without a Facebook account. But, if you like, why not be friends with me there as well?

Thank you for reading and Happy Halloween! Boo!

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