Sunday, June 17, 2012

Angel Academy of Art Florence Italy

Cari Amici (Dear Friends),

Well, the last day at Angel Academy of Art in Florence, Italy was this past Friday. While I am still occupied with end-of-term festivities and helping people move or store stuff for the summer, I hope soon to be back doing my own art full-time. Still, I wanted to share some images from Angel. This first is a group shot that we took in one of our model painting rooms. The second is of the beloved Jered Woznicki, who teaches mostly the advanced classes. I love the lean on both he and his companion skeleton.

This third image is a follow-up of my sight-size copy of the bust of a Roman soldier. You may see already some of the errors that I have made, in particular that overall, I have fattened him up a bit. Still, he will dry over the summer since I have other more pressing work to do. And really, I cannot wait to get to it.

If you are interested in my latest art newsletter about painting in Tuscany, click here:

And here is another fun surprise I received recently when my flatmate Gustavo told me that he was looking online for art by Surikov and found my name connected to it on one link, with one of my drawings posted on this site: So happy June and …

Happy Father’s Day!

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