Thursday, February 10, 2011

London Pearlies

Cari Amici (Dear Friends),

One day keeps rolling into another during my time here in London. I got antsy to do some art and had brought a small collection of pastels and a pad of black paper. So, here is a little sketch that I did of the view from the bedroom window at the back end of the flat that I am staying in.

Later one dreary afternoon, I was people-watching out the front side of the flat and caught a glimpse of a Pearly Queen. I did not know anything about this mild-mannered wildly dressed woman, but thought her quite fun to watch as she crossed the street below me. Turns out there are kings too. They wear pearl buttons all over their black clothing to attract attention to themselves as they engage in fundraising activities for various charities throughout London.

I hope you enjoy this last snapshot of a Pearly King and his charming traffic-stopping car that I took in the Greenwich Village area.

Read more about the Pearly Kings and Queens, known as Pearlies.

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