Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Daddy Longlegs

Cari Amici (Dear Friends),

One of the benefits of working outside is noticing all of the “critters.” The other day I got to see a single ladybug on my marble “Gymnast” sculpture project. I do not really see ladybugs that often here, and that red round body contrasting with the white marble was fun.

More recently, I approached my marble work to find a Daddy Longlegs hanging out under the figure’s right arm. They are harmless and friendly enough. But I do worry that I will damage one of those delicate legs. I shooed him away, but then realized that my electric rotary tool apparently had no juice. After trying several sockets and wiggling lots of wire parts, I took it into the shop to take things apart.

Inside, one wire just pulled out WAY too easily. Most wire is coated with only the tips showing exposed metal. In this case, this tip had broken off inside the tool. Fixing it was just a matter of cutting away more of the plastic tubing around it and reattaching the wire.

When I returned to my carving site, my Daddy Longlegs friend was back, hiding under the left arm this time.

Nature's holidays are best - happy solstice! The skies were solid clouds (still are) over my home in central Texas, so I missed any chance of seeing the lunar eclipse last night.

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Sheila said...

Merry Yule!

The daddy long legs (under the arm) is good luck. She was just trying to keep dry. it might make a good deodorant commercial (don't neglect our underarms) LOL. That is a female I believe due to the size. Females emit an odor of rot to attract males who think its food and then they eat them (and sometimes they mate with them). it is the wring time of year for mating so the spider will only help you to get rid of other spiders right now but int he spring it will breed. These spiders are harmless and basically will eat other bugs, spiders and scorpions in your yard. (They are the most poisonous spiders though they have no fangs and cant bit you).

Why dont you consider her a helper and give her a name, like Holly?

The Native Americans consider the spider to be sacred. In the Norse myths they weave the web of Wyrd which is like Karma.

I hope you have a very magical Yule!


I found this on a site about that there are two kinds of daddy long legs: