Friday, November 5, 2010

Art and Life Pastel Painting

Cari Amici (Dear Friends),

Sometimes life and art coincide, sometimes they just do not seem related at all. Back in 1995, I had an accident on a three-way skateboard at a ToysRUs [no worries, the toy store took this disaster off of the market after my proof of its danger -- I can be quite convincing -- ha!] In a matter of seconds, I had damaged my spine and broken three of my front teeth. This year, one of those teeth started to rot [external resorption, the dentist called it] and very recently, it was removed. I will have quite the gorgeous smile for several months now, as my normal bone will grow in place of the cadaver’s bone that was put into the vacated space in my jaw.

Anyway, I recently finished a new pastel painting and was contemplating the title of the work. Sometimes I start with a title, sometimes they come to me as the work emerges, but this time…I needed some help. It is good to have friends!

I saw this image of a table for two with the leaf of a palm plant and a single white calla lily and unopened bottle of wine as a setting full of potential. It seems to leave more questions than answers, allowing one’s imagination to take off. What will be served? Who will enjoy the meal, the wine? What will they talk about? And after?

While I had fun with the technical aspects of painting transparent objects and creating another one of my pastel paintings, trying to be a bit of a minimalist with color on black paper, I imagined many a scenario.

I hope you enjoy “A Night’s Promise” and let your imagination run wild.

After my surgery, I was told to eat only soft foods for several days and that later, I will not be able to eat with my Essex retainer that hosts the false temporary front tooth. My imagination now turned towards one party at the table being too shy to smile or sipping only wine, or perhaps soup … ANYTHING soft to avoid sharing the beautiful reality during this one special dinner.

And that made me smile . . . again.

Allora, I GOOFED! E.A.S.T. is NOT happening this weekend, but the next two. My exhibits page is correct, while my overwhelmed brain is out to lunch.

Saturday, November 13 & 14 and again November 20 & 21
Sculptor Beth Schoen's Open Studio: guest artist Kelly Borsheim
4601 Smith Road
Austin, Texas
Tel. 512.740.7817
Both weekends, four days: 10 am to 5 p.m. Hope to see you there!

[Thank you, Simon, for the title of this pastel painting!]


Gene P. said...

Good Luck with your new Adventure, Kelly.
Sorry to hear about your situation. We all have human challenges.
Sounds like you will be fine and keep the ART coming.. Thanks for sharing.

I will be doing a back surgery experience myself at a VA in the near future. I always said never do a surgery, but the outcome sounds very promising. I'll let you know later.

Best Wishes Always,
Gene P.

Jo Castillo said...

Sorry for the dental problems. That is one thing that I really don't like. Yikes.

The pastel is gorgeous. The dusty sticks seem a natural for you. What kind of fixatif do you use? I never use one. Hmmm.

Kelly Borsheim said...

Hey Gene,
Sorry to hear about your back surgery -- that bites! But you know best for yourself and when it is time to make a change. All the best to you, always.

Thanks, Jo, for the great compliment from another pastel artist! I am enjoying pastels immensely, for sure. I am trying different fixatives, but thus far, my favorite is Winsor & Newton -- bought in the UK. Cannot find it here, so am trying a Blue Label and also Grumbacher (from Dick Blick)...mixed emotions on the fix, but feel it is better to use than not.

Jo Castillo said...

Thanks, Kelly. One artist (don't remember who) puts glassine over pastels and rolls them and puts them in triangular shaped roll boxes for shipping. I bet that keeps them from getting crushed as opposed to the round tubes. I usually put them between foam core with the glassine and ship them flat. Always good to hear new ideas,eh?