Thursday, August 12, 2010

Florence Italy

Cari Amici (Dear Friends),

Sometimes it is difficult to know what is the right thing to do. I have a lot (well, too many) well-intended friends who ask me why I insist on returning to Italy “without a real reason.” Sometimes they will go as far as saying that I have no business going on such a trip and would do better to create art in my American home.

I try most of the time to be polite to these people with my responses, but really there are times in which I want to scream something like, “Are you NUTS? I know what I need more than most people would.” Maybe I will not be enchanted forever by Italy, Florence in particular. Maybe I will stop learning what the Renaissance City has to teach an artist. But right now, I am fascinated. And it is the right choice for my continued growth. And it is rarely important to me if anyone “gets” that.

On the other hand, once people see that you have done this “dangerous” or “risky” thing and not only has nothing bad happened, but life is actually been good, all seems right with the world.

I recently published one of my art newsletters in which I posted some images in order to share some of the reasons that I continue to find Florence so hypnotizing. Check them out by clicking here.

Then I thought I would add a few more here on this blog. I love this image of a woman (with a great gesture!) who stopped in the road to actually answer her phone! This image just struck me as so typical, and yet … funny.

The second image just goes to show you how illusive and wonderful light can be around the buildings in Florence, Italy. I have only seen the light do this one time! It was if the skies were approving of sculpture. Wonderful really.

And these last two images are dedicated to my Aunt Carole (who is also my Godmother), who celebrates her birthday today in Minnesota. Aunt Carole is also one of my coolest supporters. Both images were taken at Gilli’s – a famous store/bar on the corner of Piazza della Repubblica. I got such a kick out of the white chocolate copy of Michelangelo’s “David.” Florence really seems to enjoy chocolate as much as art and various types of coffee. And do not get me started on leather goods . . .

Happy Birthday, Aunt Carole!


Casey Klahn said...

Rich post. Chocolate, sculpture, cappuccino, art, people watching, and all in the renaissance city.

I think you've made your point: this is the richest arts city in the world, and mighty fun to boot.

Dale said...

Time spent worrying about what other people think is time wasted. I said that. Dale

Laura Grimes said...

I would so live in Florence six months of the year if I had the means! But, I also still have a teenage son at home. And my husband would be very cool to the idea. He does tell me he realizes that if he dies before I do, I will be moving to Italy if there is enough money to do so. But, I want him to stick around, so there you go.

Jo Castillo said...

Great post. I do not think you are wasting time. Look at these images. Happy Birthday to your Aunt Carole. Thanks for the smile tonight. Hugs.


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