Friday, April 30, 2010

Pastel Streetpainting in Florence, Italy

Cari Amici (Dear Friends),

Yesterday was a fun day in streetpainting here in Florence, Italy. I saw some old friends, met some people that I only knew from my Web site and Facebook, had a little party, and even got some pastel painting done in the street.

I have been given Thursdays with my colleague Johnny from Ireland. I drew with him last year, as well, and he is fun to work with. However, he draws with our friend Kumiko on Wednesdays and asked if I minded picking up where they left off the day before. Johnny models in the mornings (when I arrive to work) and later on Thursday evenings, he attends life-drawing sessions. I should, too, but since I only am permitted to draw one day as one of the madonnari fiorentini, I will draw in the studio another day.

Allora, we drew Michelangelo’s “La Sacra Familia” otherwise known as “Tondi Doni” -- all in pastels directly on the street. I was amused that a woman working as a badante (assisting people needing special health care in their homes) and living in Firenze for the past two years (but from the country of Georgia) stopped to ask me if I was Russian. I get this guess only second to my being French. It always amuses me and makes me want more to visit Russia.

Last year I wrote about some of my street performing friends, including Mimito Sorrydista He stopped by to say hello and I got to see him as a blonde this time ! I hope you enjoy these images.

This next image was of me with a high school class visiting Florence from Belgium. This was their last day in the Renaissance City. They stayed with me for at least 20 minutes (good for street painting visitors) and later several of the boys returned just before getting on the train home. I asked them that after a week, what was their favorite part of Florence and one boy (white T, standing) said enthusiastically, "You!"
I think he has a future in politics or maybe as a lady-killer. :-)

If you would enjoy getting away from your normal routine and working with pastels, won’t you please consider this art workshop I am teaching in an amazing location on the Big Island of Hawai’I. We will work on-site, and even with a model for part of the workshop. This happens in early September and is hosted by Hawaiian Art Journey and the Kona Village Resort. They will take care of all of your concerns so that you may relax and focus on making your own art.

Registration is refundable up to 30 days before the workshop starts and we need to get commitments from art lovers early so that you all have time to make your travel plans. (You may also combine this art event as a romantic getaway – guests are allowed to have non-workshop attendees accompany them.) Check out the details below.
Pastels in Paradise – Art Workshop with Kelly Borsheim
Hawaiian Art Journey


Jeanne Rhea said...

I so enjoy your posts! This painting is amazing.

Katherine Muschick Schneider said...

Street painting taken to the next level - and then some!


Kelly Borsheim Artist said...

Why thank you both!
And now, back to the drawing board!