Saturday, April 10, 2010

Altars Santa Trinita Church

Cari Amici (Dear Friends),

In my last post I showed you a few images I took of the Church of Santa Trinita in Florence, Italy.

Almost every church that I can remember entering in Italy has more than one altar. In fact, the sides of the churches seem to have many different “mini-altars” creating – for me – almost the feeling of “information overload.” I mean that in a good way, in that almost all of these altars have an individual function, often dedicated to one specific holy identity. Each is filled with art. What a great collection any one church has!

I include here a few images I was able to take before being told not to take images. See how each of these altars, viewed separately, has its own personality? One is quite elaborate in its decoration, another relatively sparse. Sometimes the space lies behind gorgeously designed iron gates, to be opened upon invitation or a special event. Each is lovely and quite tranquil.


About Marilyn Rea Nasky said...

Kelly-Hearing of your work and adventures in Italy is so inspiring!
Can't wait to see the work when you are finished with this process. All my best to you!-M. Rea Nasky

Kelly Borsheim said...

Hi Marilyn,
Nice profile pic! Thanks for the support. I am often curious about what I will come out with as well ;-)


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