Sunday, December 27, 2009

Top Ten Artist Blog Post Award

Cari Amici (Dear Friends),

Well, I would first like to thank several of my readers for nominating various artworks of mine that were posted on this blog in 2009 for artist and author Katherine Tyrrell’s Making a Mark blog’s “Best of . . .” competition. Two of my drawings were chosen in the semi-finalist stage for the Figure Art category, but I was not so lucky on the shortlist. However, I do appreciate your support and interest. Thank you.

You can vote for one of the three finalists by clicking here before the 29th of December:

Then to my surprise today, I found out that one of my blog posts won a listing on Casey Klahn’s “The Colorist” blog. It made me laugh to see which of my blog posts struck Casey as memorable and why. Perhaps you will enjoy his point of view as well. Check it out:

Thanks, Casey Klahn, and thank you to you ,too!

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Kelly Borsheim said...

Thanks to Andrew Cahner for the heads-up on this blog post:

Do read her blog -- I was amazed by what I have read thus far.

***** Highly recommended *****


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