Tuesday, October 6, 2009

AIDS Fundraiser Teaching Art

Cari Amici (Dear Friends),

Classically trained painter Graydon Parrish recently contacted me. We “met” on Facebook. Graydon moved to Austin, Texas, about a year ago and has already gotten quite active in the community here. He asked if I would assist him (and others) in helping to raise money for AIDS Services of Austin, via an event hosted by The Octopus Club. This organization knows how to throw a party: I worked with them some years ago in the annual ArtErotica event.

The Octo Tea Dance XIV happens on October 11th from 3 – 9 p.m. From Graydon: At the event, we are offering several experiences, which include, so far, music and cooking lessons. The theme this year is the five senses.

Graydon Parrish has volunteered painting lessons, for the sense of vision. I am donating four hours of sculpting lessons, for touch. (The winning bidder will learn how to sculpt hands using plaster life castings as models. We will work in the sculpture studio of Beth Schoen in Austin at a time good for all of us.)

The auction will happen at the event, and perhaps even beforehand. At this writing, I am not sure of the details, but Graydon said that our auction offerings will be online on Wednesday.

I urge you to attend the event, bid on items that appeal to you, and enjoy helping a great cause. As I wrote years ago when I donated to two AIDS fundraising events,

“Why AIDS? AIDS disturbs me because of the way it is transmitted. As social creatures, we need to touch each other. Ostracism is a powerful punishment. AIDS is transmitted via the most personal ways we touch one another, whether it be sexually or through the acts of giving birth and sharing blood. To stop it, we need to deny ourselves in some ways. The very actions that link us to each other are what this disease thrives on.”

Octo Tea Dance XIV
October 11, 2009
3:00 pm to 9:00 pm
The Long Center for the Performing Arts, Austin, Texas
DJ Roland Belmares and DJ Seth Cooper
Tickets $45 presale, $60 door (purchase now)

A Great Party – A GREATER CAUSE!

Graydon Parrish wrote this up for my auction donation:

Experience the Five Senses: Touch

The sculptor’s prerogatives are to look, to think and to remake the world, sensitively rejoining, by hand and fingers, clay, plaster and marble. For many, sculpture has been the standard to which other arts should aspire. It is, after all, a metaphor for Creation itself, and as such it reveals the fullness and breadth of nature, magically changing its appearance from day to night, dawn to dusk. And touch is at the center of this creative process.

So it is with great pleasure that the Octopus Club of Austin is able to offer an experience of touch, an odyssey into the world of the sculptor, with Kelly Borsheim. From Texas to Florence, [Italy] Kelly has explored the streets, the studios and the museums to refine her art and outlook. Her inspiration is the human body, which to her reveals the essential tenets of life, from its struggles to desires. Her art is one of beauty, introspection and contemplation.

This experience will consist of four hours of private lessons, covering some of the basics of sculpture. It is also one not to be missed, and the Octopus club is grateful to Kelly Borsheim to offer such world-class instruction to help save lives.

Kelly Borsheim’s art is collected widely, throughout the United States, Australia, Canada, France, Italy, The Netherlands, United Kingdom, and New Zealand. She splits her time between Florence, Italy, and her studio in central Texas.

Value $ 400.00

Please note that the Octopus Club will assist with the coordination of lessons between the high bidder and the artist.


Tina Steele Lindsey said...

What a small world, Kelly! I met Graydon on Facebook, too. He is my new art hero. I have put a quote I wrote on both my blog and my website, "You can stand before a Michelangelo, then a Whistler, then a Graydon Parrish ~ and know the art of inspired beings."

When I just received this in my email I was so excited. It is so wonderful to know you both are friends and doing something wonderful for others in such a way.

Kelly Borsheim said...

Hi Tina,
Wow, such a fast response. Your art is quite impressive as well. I like the abstracts a lot. Keep debating about how I can work clouds into my art, I am always looking at the skies.

boneman said...

well, it turns out we have a friend in common, though I don't actually know her real name.
She suggested i contact you prior to your Indy arrival, and amazingly, another coincidence. Franklin Barry used to be in Zionsville, just south of here( if it is, indeed, who i think it is. I thought it was Franlin/Berry, a colaboration between two fellows who ran a frame shop). My room mate did some work for them (when they were doing the framing concern) and also rented a house from them years ago.
(we won't talk about how many years, though)
Bicemama is who talked me into approaching you..you both attend a life drawing session together?

In any case, I will be wandering downtown Indy (it is about 35 miles south) for your show, and maybe even get to meet you.
While I would love to see your presentation on street painting (we did some of that for a promotional to gather funds for school kids who couldn't afford lunches at school. A real treat, actually, and, despite the medium[sidewalk chalk] I had a lot of fun doing the Mona Lisa and one of VanGogh's Cypresses) the fact is, I may be working well into the evening that day.
Thankfully the reception is on a Friday, however, and I will be quite free.

Well, off for another painting session, eh? I can't get enough time to paint, sometimes, especially with Winter coming up on us.

Oh yeah, by the way.
Bring extra sweaters, a medium jacket and a good, warm coat. Indiana in the Fall is about as unstable a weather as you could ask for. For example, we are having frost for mornings, now, though the weather guys say that it will be a warmer than normal Winter. Sure...I'll believe that when I see it!

boneman said...

Uh....Halloween Picture ---->

Kelly Borsheim said...

Cute picture, Boneman. Yes, no doubt Don Elliott is the same frame guy you know from Zionsville.

I look forward to meeting you and thanks for making the drive!
I also appreciate the clothing tips. I was a bit worried and I hate to be cold! I go to Chicago after Indy, which I expect to be worse.

See you soon and thanks for the long note. Small world, it is.

Kelly Borsheim said...

I received word from painter Graydon Parrish that my auction donation of four hours of sculpture lessons earned the AIDS fundraiser $450.

That is cool!


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