Thursday, August 27, 2009

Canadian Marble

Cari Amici (Dear Friends),

I have been back in my Texas home studio since July. Although I love the mountains and found Austria to be a very beautiful country, I learned long ago that I get the “withdrawal shakes” if I am not creating art for more than a week. I was looking forward to getting a hammer and a chisel in my hands again and spent much of my holiday time figuring out which stone I wanted to work with first.

The winner was . . . a project I started in 2002. Inspired by President Bush’s reactions to the horrible events on September 11, 2001, I began a complicated composition in Canadian marble.

I will write more about my thoughts on this work in the coming posts, but here I wanted to include images of the stone as I received her from the quarry in western Canada. These images were taken 25 July 2002 from various angles in the stone. I will be carving a vertical composition.

My apologies for the “naked legs” shots. It is helpful at times to have relative size comparisons. And I like to climb things, so it was more fun to climb up on my wine barrel than to move the stone onto the ground to take a “bird’s eye view” image of the marble.

Stay tuned. Same bat channel . . .

Thinking of two new babies: my marble carving and . . . I would like to take this opportunity to welcome into the world today my newest nephew Evan!


Jo Castillo said...

I didn't realize that you were sweltering in Texas! I love seeing your feet and your "rock". :) I am looking forward to seeing what wonderful sculpture finds its way out through your hands and eyes.

Anonymous said...

Kelly, welcome back to USA.
Welcome Evan, and your new rocks.
Brief comment:
You have know idea how similar those 3 rock shapes are to a corten steel sculpture I made in 1972. They were each 11 ft tall and a 5 ft piece was placed at an angle in the center. I was welding rocks from steel, and relating with StoneHenge and "Chariot of the Gods".
Enuf of my daydreaming.
Good Luck to you in finding your forms and messages in these challenging rocks.
Your work and blogging is awesome.
Thanks, Gene P.