Wednesday, February 6, 2008

International Pancake Day, Italy

OK, apparently today was Fat Tuesday and I did not realize it. Oh well. However, I received a spontaneous invitation from my friend Skye while I was working on my cast drawing in charcoal. Apparently it is not only model Sara’s birthday, it is also International Pancake Day. So lots of folks like me accepted her impromptu party invitation and enjoyed lovely, sweet thin Australian pancakes topped with proscuito, pomodoro, formaggio, funghi, pesto, o fragola, zucchero, limone, banana, miele, gelato, cioccolato, Nutella, e più

Great fun and on my way home, I got to see lots of good eye candy – like an Italian man walking down Via Verde in a pink dress. Happy Mardi Gras!
Ciao, ciao, from Florence, Italy.

1 comment:

Rodney said...

oh boo on you lol i love pan cakes.
sounds like everyone had fun. as for the pink dress i prefur a tutu.
hee hee...Rodney