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Compatibility Couple Sculpture Live Models

Dear Art Lover,
Artist Kelly Borsheim sculpts nude couple during live model session art
    Well, it is now past the dawn of a new day, but not the eve or the dawn of the next day!  I do believe that every kindness we do adds to our collective energies and a better life for everyone.
   Today I want to celebrate love (again).  In the couples Open Studio sculpting sessions I mentioned yesterday that I held in the drawing room of the AVAA (Austin Visual Arts Association in Austin, Texas, USA), I also hired one of my favorite models at the time.  I loved how she used her hands during her short poses, especially.  She invited her husband to model with her.  That was amazing since as I commented in yesterday’s post, it is a lot to ask for two models to touch in an intimate way for long periods of time.

    It was a wonderful time we artists had with our models.  They both said it was quality time for them, as well, since they hardly slow down in their lives.  They found this comforting and a good experience for them to be together in this way.

Compatibility Couples Art Sculpture Clay Terra-cotta original art
Compatibility - terra-cotts sculpture of snuggling couple

     The two images of me sculpting with our models was taken by a friend of mine, Carol Schumacher of Bastrop, Texas, who was doing her own sculpture on the other side of the models.  I did the crop and added the little modesty color.  I always insist that artists ask the models before taking any photographs.  I prefer that they do it in private and BEFORE the day they want the photos.  I am a bit of a model advocate and also, I am a shy person.  Sometimes when confronted with a question one was not expecting, it takes time to think a bit to figure out how one really feels before giving an answer.  I also do not like the models to be asked in front of other people because she (or in this case, they) may not mind one person taking images, especially if she knows that person… but it could open the door to bunches of cameras… in my mind, permission for one is not necessarily permission for all.  I prefer for the model to have full control over these sorts of issues.
Two live mude models post as couple for Compatibility sculpture
Kelly Borsheim sculpts couple during Open Studio - Texas
   While I made and sold one bronze of this composition to a couple in Oregon, here is the original clay version.  It is available via Franklin Barry Gallery in Indianapolis.    Contact gallery owner Don Elliott at Don or just respond to this post and I will help you receive this artwork and feel the love.

Compatibility detail Couples Art Sculpture Clay Terra-cotta original artCompatibility (original A/P)
8.5" h x 13" x 10"
$1200 (US)

     If you like, please have a look at some more of my sculpture online here:
and again, welcome to 2017.



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Compatibility Couples Art Sculpture Clay Terra-cotta original art
Compatibility - terra-cotta [fired clay] sculpture original art

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