Monday, August 24, 2015

Paintings of Men and artist Darryl Pottorf

Dear Art Lover,    
     I am getting excited about my art event with long-time artist and collector Warren Cullar in his Austin, Texas, studio.  Event is Tuesday and Wednesday evenings from 6:30-9:30 p.m. each day on 8 & 9 September.  Address is Warren and Kitty’s home, the studios, and garden at 12102 Conrad Road
Austin, TX 78727.  Please mark your calendar and come on out for that (it is just after Labor Day weekend).  I would love to see you.     

     Well, I admit to being remiss on my sale postings for August.  I guess it must be less important to promote the works than make new art.  While I am busy in the studio in Cedar Creek, Texas, I hope you enjoy looking at my August offerings of earlier paintings and drawings.

     Today, let us celebrate men… because why not?  

     The August Art Sale continues… see postings here on my blog this month or the corresponding album on Facebook.  Offer ends 31 August 2015.

Payment plans accepted; no finance charge, as usual.

Until 31 August this artwork is available for the low price of $200.

12 x 16 oil on gallery-wrapped canvas
copyright 11 March 2006 Kelly Borsheim

     This next image is NOT of an original painting.  “The Triumph of Icarus” original artwork sold shortly after I painted him.  This is a giclee [fine art reproduction, in this case on canvas].  The image was a favorite of artist Darryl Pottorf [long-time artistic partner of Robert Rauschenberg] and Darryl has even used it in collaborative works.  If you are interested in the mixed media works he has in his Captiva Island studio, contact him via

     Besides the collaborative work that Darryl, Simon Steele, and I did actually together in December 2011, there are at least two other works in which my Icarus was used.
Gallery 5 shows Daedelus’s Son:
Gallery 8 has one that I had not been aware of before:

And no worries… I was told that if any of the art that contains my hand is sold, then I will be paid for my art by them, my friends.

My August offer:
The Triumph of Icarus [AVAILABLE giclee ... framed]   $400
40 x 20 inches reproduction on canvas copyright Kelly Borsheim

     If you decide that you want cheaper shipping and do not want the frame or even stretcher bars, the giclee may be rolled up and shipped in a tube.  Just let me know your preferences.

Back to work now… happy shopping!


~ Kelly Borsheim, sculptor and painter