Monday, December 28, 2015

Magnify Art Appreciation

Magnifying Glass for Art Detail Museo dell'Opera Florence, ItalyDear Art Lover,

     I love it when museums do clever things to encourage one to stop and appreciate even the tiniest detail of good work.  In these photos, the Museo dell’Opera in Florence, Italy, has housed some delicate and precious art behind glass.  And then they created this wonderful contraption that slides horizontally along the glass front, and then the magnifying glass is attached to this structure so that the viewer may also move the magnifier up or down.

     I think the Louvre in Paris should do this with the famous Gioconda [as the Mona Lisa is called by the Italians], but applied in another way.  I never saw Leonardo’s masterpiece because I had only one day there and it was clear that there was either the choice to stand in line all day for a 15-second viewing (possible exaggeration) or I could see a lot of the rest of their collection.

Magnifying Glass for Art Detail Museo dell'Opera Florence, Italy      

     On a side note, I am loving my new community.  There is a bonfire in one of the neighboring villages on the 30th, and I will go to a dinner with dancing on New Years’ Eve.  Country people are so very kind and sincere, even if everyone knows just about everything about everyone.  Hahah.  I only really just moved in last night since I saw that my landlord was getting tired.  I told him not to worry about moving in the refridgerator until after Christmas because my guest and I were happy living in the house next door.  One “problem” with my landlord is that the more he looks, the more he finds.  But I adore him for wanting to make sure that this house looks and functions well for me.  What a treasure!



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